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Culinary Consulting Service Offer

I offer comprehensive audits to evaluate and improve your restaurant, regardless of its current state. I assess the environment, atmosphere, customer demographics, and operations both in the dining area and kitchen. My goal is to perfect every aspect - from the menu structure to table artistry, emphasizing adherence to hygiene and safety standards. I also provide customized training for your employees based on my observations, aimed at making your establishment even more efficient and appealing.

To effectively conduct a restaurant audit, here are the key steps and considerations:

Real Transparency:

Gain access to all necessary information, including finances, operations, and customer feedback.
Encourage staff to honestly share their experiences and concerns.

Active Listening:

Listen attentively to employees, customers, and stakeholders to understand their perspectives.
Take note of feedback and suggestions.

Complete Observation:

Analyze the processes in place, from food preparation to customer management.
Observe hygiene and food safety standards in action.
Assess the effectiveness of the management and the ambiance of the restaurant.

Support and Guidance:

Provide advice and recommendations based on the audit findings.
Assist the restaurant in implementing changes to improve quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.
Ensure follow-up to assess the effectiveness of the implemented changes.

Customer Focus:

Always keep in mind customer experience and satisfaction.
Ensure that proposed changes enhance the overall customer experience.
Detailed Audit Report:

Prepare a comprehensive report including observations, analyses, and recommendations.
Present the report to the restaurant owner or management.

Action Plan:

Develop a clear action plan to address identified issues.
Prioritize actions based on their impact and feasibility.

Follow-up and Evaluation:

Schedule regular follow-ups to assess progress.
Adjust the action plan as needed to ensure continuous improvement.

By following these steps, a restaurant audit can effectively identify areas for improvement, contribute to better management, and ultimately, increase customer satisfaction and the profitability of the establishment.

During a restaurant audit, several key elements are observed to gain a comprehensive overview of the establishment. These observations help in understanding the current state of the restaurant and envisioning its potential future positioning. Here's a breakdown of the elements typically observed:

Location and Environment:

Neighborhood Activities: Assess the main activities in the area where the restaurant is located.
Accessibility and Visibility: Evaluate how easy it is for customers to access and find the restaurant, including parking availability and accessibility for people with disabilities.

External Information: Ensure that the restaurant's name, menu, and opening hours are clearly displayed and up-to-date outside the establishment.

Atmosphere of the Restaurant:

Visual Elements: Pay attention to the overall ambiance created by factors like room temperature, lighting, background music, decor, and staff attire. These elements should contribute to a strong, cohesive customer experience.
Type of Clientele:

Customer Profiles: Identify the profiles of existing and potential customers to understand their expectations. This helps in tailoring offers and services to enhance their experience.

Operations in the Dining Area and Kitchen:

Operational Diagnostics: Experienced chef consultants conduct thorough operational diagnostics to evaluate the quality of the cuisine and infrastructure.
Culinary and Sanitary Practices: Observe if good culinary and sanitary practices are followed, including adherence to seasonality, cutting techniques, cooking, seasoning, plate presentation, and maintenance of production spaces.
Compliance with Safety and Hygiene Standards: Check if the kitchen and dining area comply with food safety and hygiene regulations.

These observations are crucial in a restaurant audit as they provide insights into various aspects of the business, from the physical space and operations to the customer experience and market positioning. The audit aims to identify areas for improvement and guide the restaurant towards a more successful and customer-centric approach.

The support offered by Atelier d'Alix in the context of a restaurant audit involves a detailed and customized approach, focusing on several key aspects to enhance the restaurant's performance and appeal. Here’s how we provide support in each area:


Creating a Culinary Identity: We help in crafting a culinary identity that aligns with market expectations, customer needs, and the skills of your staff. This involves ensuring your restaurant tells a coherent story and provides a memorable customer experience.

Menu Structure:

Efficient and Attractive Menus: The menu should not only be appealing to customers but also thoughtfully designed to promote stock rotation and optimize the use of raw materials.

Dishes and Naming:

Menu Classification: We assist in classifying dishes in a way that makes the menu easy to navigate.
Simple and Informative Naming: Dish names should be simple while clearly listing ingredients, which is especially important for customers with food allergies.

Products and Pricing:

Quality and Storage Assessment: Our team evaluates the quality of the products used and checks if storage temperatures are properly maintained.
Sourcing and Cost Consideration: We work with your existing product list to find local producers and artisans when possible, keeping budgetary constraints in mind.

Uniforms and Tableware:

Staff Attire Recommendations: Our experts provide suggestions on staff uniforms to ensure they align with the restaurant's identity.
Tableware Advice: Since tableware plays a significant role in showcasing a chef's work, we recommend specific containers and designs that are contemporary and suitable for your recipes.


Depending on the observations made during the restaurant audit, personalized training may be suggested for employees on areas of improvement.

At Atelier d'Alix, we understand that each business is unique. We look forward to meeting you to offer our expertise and advice, aiming to make your establishment even more efficient and attractive.

1 week of consultation at your place - 3500 € + accomodation + travel cost

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