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Good equipment, equals a good cuisine !

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The Affinity Saucepan with Pouring Rim is sized to match professional culinary standards.
Undeformable utensil in multilayer material: combination of stainless steel on the outside and aluminum on the inside.
Hyper reactive material: very rapid rise in temperature and instantaneous stopping of cooking off the heat.
Uniform heat distribution over the entire skirt and perfect heating circuit: even cooking. Ideal for reduction cooking, sauces.
Riveted cast stainless steel handle: ergonomic for a comfortable grip; sleek design.
Tail guaranteed low temperature.
Range worked, modern and elegant design.
High-end mirror polish.
Tip: gradual rise in temperature.
Hygienic: dishwasher safe. Occasional external polishing with polishing paste to restore the original luster.
All heat sources including induction.

Lyonnaise cut pan perfect for frying, searing and flambéing, for serving, presentation and open kitchens.
Prima Matera cookware made of 90% copper and 10% AISI 304 stainless steel:
- 90% copper on the outside: excellent thermal conductivity for perfect control of the cooking environment; exceptional cooking results.
- 10% stainless steel inside: perfectly food safe; easy maintenance. The low proportion of stainless steel does not alter the properties of copper.
Cold riveted handle in cast stainless steel, French-curved: comfortable and ergonomic use; modern design.
Innovation: special induction base for a universal range.
Mirror polishing. Traceability engraved on the bottom.
Timeless and refined range.
Maintenance of copper with a polishing paste.
Maintenance of stainless steel: hand wash.
All heat sources including induction.

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To whip egg whites quickly and incorporate thick batters easily, avoiding the problem of too soft threads.
Rigid and unbreakable spring quality stainless steel wires Ø 2 mm. Broad apple, ball.
Perfect hygiene. Sterilizable. Goes in the dishwasher.
Anti-slip handle with curved design to prevent the whisk from falling into the container.
Hole: easy hanging and draining.
Ergonomic insulated handle

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